Hardwood decoration
& design consultation

  • Provide knowledge of each wood species that are produced by the company and the most suitable decoration styles of each wood types
  • Provide knowledge of each wood species’ qualities
  • Propose products that are best suit design ideas of customer’s needs
  • Propose products that are most suitable to customer’s usage of those particular area(s)

Installation service by Experts

  • Site inspection service with consultation of pre-installation preparation
  • on site service of real area measurement for precise calculation to reach most suitable and accurate volume usage of the products
  • provide installation consultation of which type is most suitable to customer’s usage of the particular area(s)
  • Provide suggestions of how to maintain and sustain each types of products

Lifetime after sale service

  • After sale service under the conditions of the company*
  • Exchange policy allowance of the products which are still in the unused condition (any colour tare or wood veneer cracks is not allowed)
  • Lifetime after sale service and guarantee are only apply if the damages are caused by the production and are not yet being installed
  • Site inspection service for during/after the completion of the installation with the products (charges may apply if the damaged products request for exchange are not caused by the company)